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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How students won't get distracted next year.

   Some are worried that students next year will be distracted while on iPad 2s.  I think the solution to this problem is to make class fun and interactive.  For example if a student in a foreign language class ie. spanish, they could use an application like The Spanish Tutor.  If students bring in headphones they will be able to hear how certain words are pronounced and spelled so that teachers don't have to repeat certain words that someone might not understand.

   I understand that some students freak out during biology class because they have to disect animals.  Killing two birds with one stone, student's could download an application like Frog Dissection and learn but also save a life.  Not only would this save lives, but it would also help stop students and teachers from smelling and dealing with dead carcasses.

   Most students, like myself, have a hard time with Geometry.  With the help of this application students may have a better understanding of what is going on in class.  If they don't they can spend time at home and will have something to refer to or teach them if they don't understand certain things.

  I think most students get distracted because class can get very boring, very easy.  But with the help of games and fun applications, learning can be fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011

iPads Next Year

I think that students should be able to add whatever application they want.  Teachers should walk around during class monitoring students or have a software where they can see student's screens.

Students will be taking these home and using them so they should be able to add things for entertainment, maybe for study periods or bus rides etc.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I don't think there should be homework. It stresses out the kids of today because they have no time. Our society revolves around sports causing students minimal time. most students, when doing homework, don't concentrate nor care about it. Most rush throughh it and fill in relative answers.

Many students still copy homework from each other which isn't doing much for that student. Some teachers assign homework thats answers could easily be found online. Students now can easily read summaries of books or ask questions on Google etc.

teens short on sleep

When we were toddlers we never wanted to go to sleep, but as teenagers, we all look forward to it. As teenagers, I feel we don't get enough sleep because when I look around I see everyone is tired.

I usually don't fall asleep until 12-2AM on school nights and I have to wake up at 5:30 evry morning. i have to admit, sometimes I'm tired with a hot shower and caffine. I have fallen asleep many times in class during my school career.

I think the reason that teenagers don't fall asleep is because of their social lives and stress. Having a lot on my mind keeps me up very late. I also stay up later than I should if I'm talking to one of my friends how can't sleep.

My internal clock changes drastically in summer. I usually don't fall asleep until around 5AM and don't wake until 11. If I'm woken before that then I usually take a nap.

Teenagers might beeasier to sleep if they didn't have to deal with stress. This could be cured by relaxing before bedtime and shutting off all communications when tired.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Internet Common Sense

Personally, I'm tired of hearing and talking about cyberbullying. We've been talking about it ever since we have been using computers in school. I think that "Internet common sense" really is common sense and that people shouldn't have to make huge websites about it.

Everyone should be cautious about what they post, but when people say something mean online they truly don't care how it affects other people or they wouldn't be doing it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gum in Schools

I think gum should be allowed in schools.

Chewing gum is apparently very healthy. According to a website chewing gum is healthy. It relieves stress which is good for students who are stressed over work. Gum chewing improves memory which helps students remember facts for tests, quizzes, and projects etc. It also helps manage weight. Gum chewing helps people eat less which is great for students who don't have physical education as often as they should, especially for America's high obesity rate. It can also take away sleepiness without taking caffeine.

Some teachers and staff might not allow gum because some can't handle themselves. Some immature students stick gum under desks and chairs etc. This can be avoided by teachers checking under desks for gum while the class is still there so they will know who did it. If someone put gum on school property I think they should have detention, a call home, and have to take the gum off. It's not very difficult to walk up to a trash barrel and dispose of gum properly.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Locked Bathrooms

I don't think bathrooms should be locked because it's annoying if you have to go and you can't. It's also annoying because you have to walk all around the school and it's just wasting time. I don't think a thousand students should suffer because a few of them are immature.